Tuesday, 29 December 2009

I hear a hunter...

Got my Gaming PC, so now I can finally get around to playing games.
Windows 7 is pretty good, but I've noticed a lot of compatibility issues, which isn't that surprising considering it's x64.
Steam's winter sale has been good to me, and I have plenty of games to play on this thing.
TF2 is kickass, which was exactly what I was expecting. I suck at it, but yeah, it's kickass.
Mirror's edge is boring, mostly because I already completed it on Xbox. Similar thing with Bioshock, except I haven't completed it. Having said that, the graphics on UE3 games are fucking awesome, like, really awesome.
Left 4 Dead is FUCK YEAHHHHHH on this PC. I can finally grasp all the kiai I get from shouting obsceneties at the horde.
GMod finally runs well with addons. I'm currently running through HL2's story with this Mega AK SWEP that I don't remember downloading.
Audiosurf with full settings is trippy as fuck. It's starting to get boring, though. Maybe I need some new songs.

Strangely, I don't feel the need to go on IRC anymore. Hopefully it's just because I haven't exhausted my attention span on gaming yet.

By the way, my SteamID is NeoNyan. Add me if you want, but d-don't get the wrong idea! It's not like I want to be f-f-friends or anything!

I suggest rape. Also the game, except this time in 1080p with 16xQ CSAA running at 60fps capped or 273fps with no vsync.

Sunday, 6 December 2009


Recently I've been on Minecraft a lot, I currently have a server set up (link in my osu! sig) and shit's pretty badass. Not many people come on anymore, but occasionally I join and find some massive structure that wasn't there before.
Yesterday, I joined #uboachan. It's not very fast, but the users are pretty funny, and they talk about Touhou more than #touhou does.
The school thing was resolved pretty quickly. Basically, they got everyone who was involved to attend a meeting to find out who flooded the school. Also, they blocked all .exe files, so no lose/lose, or anything else for that matter. At least I still have Minecraft and Bloons Tower Defense 4.
I finished Manabi Straight. It was pretty damn good for a slice-of-life animu. I'm currently watching Higashi no Eden (Eden of the East) and I'm enjoying it so far. The OP is awesome.
I dropped about half of the currently-airing anime I was following, leaving me with Umineko no Naku Koro Ni, Kaempfer, Seitokai no Ichizon and To Aru Kagaku no Railgun.
I changed my mind about the Alienware PC. I'm now getting a custom-built one from a local computer shop. Everything about it is better than the Alienware, and it's cheaper.
I heard there's a new Geass animu announced, but I still haven't got around to watching the first two seasons.

I suggest rape. Also メリークリスマス。

Wednesday, 25 November 2009

I am cool.

For the last few months, I've been playing MK64 at school, and I showed everyone else how to do it, too. It quickly became one of the major accepted school pastimes.
Two weeks ago, I was told that there's a way to send popup messages over LAN using command prompt, and I soon figured it out, but I didn't tell anyone.
Probably through observation, someone else found out how to do it. Whoever it was didn't keep it a secret, and yesterday the network was completely flooded with global messages saying "maggot".
Of course, the staff didn't like this, and today they performed various anti-fun operations such as deleting everyone's emulators and restricting both command prompt and project64.exe. In ICT, there was a small meeting between the head ICT teacher and the lead technician- the ICT head believes the existence of the popup messages to be a "major security breach" and he thinks someone put a worm in the system called project.64.
This could be fun. If it gets too annoying, I have a copy of lose/lose on my SD card.

Friday, 13 November 2009


MW2 is out, and it's shit.

In other news, I still can't 1cc Undefined Fantastic Object on Easy. Shit's hard, I was originally using MarisaB but I found SanaeB more responsive.
The osu! community is being gay. There's drama about mods and shit, and I'm trying not to troll.
Touhoumon Insane (Drakuza) is awesome. I downloaded it three days ago and I still haven't reached Brock.
OpenOffice is better than Microsoft Office. Word decided to be a DRMfag on the day before an essay was due in. I downloaded this shit and it runs faster and you can do a lot more.

Japanese bird cooking spaghetti.
A Mod posted on /a/. He seems nice. Of course it didn't instantly restore order but it did make an impact on the sagebombers.
I got over 26000 points on Hopping Tenshi.
My TV won't work, so no XBox or Wii. It's annoying because I had only just got back into Brawl.
Pokebis is still a faggot. All is well.
Gurren Lagann was awesome. Lots of loli and kiai.
Manabi Straight is awesome. Even more loli. One of the main characters looks just like Cirno, too.
Cum tastes bitter.
L4D2 demo wins. I played it at a friend's house when he was out. The graphics are kickass and the gameplay is still cool. I'd like to get it on PC. Maybe after Christmas.
Sanae is a good girl. Pat her head and tell her she's a good girl.
My mom's horse died. It had a long life (25 years) and it was an awesome horse. Thankfully it had a quick death rather than a long painful one.
I finished my uni statement. I'm not going to show you it.
Mario Kart 64 is delicious in 1080p. I don't care what you say about aspect ratio.
Red text is now unreliable.
NicoNicoDouga(9) has had a flood of kickass videos. It all started with Bad Apple.
Finally, Chicken ando Kau use Weeru ando Dorufin as decoy.

I suggest easy!!!

Sunday, 25 October 2009

Obligatory MCM post

The other times I've been to MCM, there were over 9000 people cosplaying characters from shit like Naruto, Bleach and Kingdom Hearts, but this time, there were only like 10. The amount of people was insane, and the cosplay was much better. No pics because I didn't take any because I'm a fag.
There were a perfect Rin and Len, a god-teir Kaito, a pretty badass Donarudo and a fucking epic Suwako. I saw a Reisen walk past whilst I was buying something, but I didn't see her again, maybe she changed or something.
The Warthog turned out to be an individually-licensed thing, not the Halo movie one.
Tom Baker was there, he looked angry, whilst Craig Charles seemed to be trippin'.
I didn't see the Bones guys, there was talk of the plane being delayed or something.
The YAOI guy was there this time, along with his subordinates, selling the best stuff there. I bought the fucking Tsurupettan CD, a random STG and a kickass Touhou doujin.

In other news, it's halloween in a few days, and I've just finished carving.

I suggest rape.

Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Oh yeah, I have a blog...

Hmm, it seems to have been over a month since my last post.
Today, school finished for October, which was celebrated with "wear it pink" day, in which everyone was supposed to come in wearing something pink, and donate £1 to Cancer Research UK. I'd known about this for a few weeks, but it was only yesterday that I found out that the theme was cross-dressing.
I went into school in a pink jumper, with my hair in a ponytail, but I changed into a dress after the first lesson. Jesus Christ, I should have brought my clicker. Pretty much everyone in the school came up to me and made very witty comments, such as "do you have a license for that", "AAAARRRRGGGGHHHH" and "you look stupid" although I don't get why they came up to me, as there were like 30 other guys in dresses.
At lunch, I noticed that I needed the toilet, which posed the question: Do I do it standing up, lifting my skirt up, or do I do it sitting down like a girl? I managed to hold it in, but the question will always be haunting me until I find an answer.
When school starts, I'm gonna start filming for Media. One specific scene involves me in a maid outfit, so from then on I expect to be known as "the cross-dressing guy who brought us Mario Kart 64".

MCM this weekend. Again, I will not be cosplaying, but I do plan on grabbin' more stuff. This time they're gonna have the Warthog from the canned Halo Movie, the Delorean from Back to the Future II, and the TARDIS from Dr. Who. Also, one of the directors from Bones (anime studio) will be there, so I'm gonna ask him why they decided to have Yuuki become a ghost.

I suggest rape.

Tuesday, 15 September 2009


Hurrrrururr... Not much to talk about recently, so sorry for the lack of posts.

I'm currently watching Baccano. It's like fucking "Lock, Stock" but with immortals and jazz.

I grabbed Garry's Mod from Steam last week... And apparently it's cheap as fuck this week...
When I started it ran extremely fast for some reason. Now I've got some addons it runs slower, but ultimately it's pretty good.
My grandad got me a bag of computer parts from a car-boot sale. I wasn't particularly interested in it until I saw the 256MB graphics card. There was also a kickass sound card and a basic Wi-Fi card, so I'll stick them in my gaming PC when I get a new motherboard.

Haruhi season 2....ended...
Everyone is extremely pissed off at Kyoani for negating Disappearance, but I'm actually satisfied. The last arc was a backstory to episode 00, and the way they handled the interaction between the characters was much better than in the first series. The best thing about it, though, was that in the very last scene of the final episode, they played the opening BGM from the start of the first season. I'm not sure what KyoAni's got planned for next year, but I'm sure it'll be good. All three of their anime this year have astounded me.
In more ways than one.
...In more ways than two.

Recently my dad got me a bass, and I started playing it a bit. I thought it'd look cool and original if I put it on display in my room, so it's currently just a few feet away from me, leaning against a chair. Earlier today I saw a "post your room" thread on /jp/, so I had a quick look, and fucking EVERYONE has a guitar or bass in their room now. WTF.

I suggest rape.

Sunday, 30 August 2009


About a week ago, Pokebis invited a few people from Uboachan into the osu! vent channel. There was a loli and some random guy, and they both got kicked pretty quickly. Shortly after, Pokebis said they found another channel they could go to, and he invited me along. Singingchanners was full of /a/ tripfags singing in Japanese, and it was awesome. Pokebis eventually ditched it but I've been hanging around with them on IRC ever since. Oh and apparently they were the guys behind the "/a/ sings..." videos, which is awesome.

I'll be back at school in two days. I'm kinda looking forward to it. Hopefully summer won't repeat again.

I finished Chugo Chara, and it was fucking fantastic. It was beginning to drag on around episode 20, but the second half of the anime was awesome. I'll probably grab Doki when it finishes airing.
Also, I marathoned Maria Holic. It wasn't quite what I was expecting it to be, and it seemed pretty bland. Kinda like Ed, Edd 'n' Eddy.


I suggest rape.

Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Weeaboo Christmas~

Comiket 76 happened a few days ago, and naturally it was flooded. Two Touhou games were released, the latest Danmaku, Unidentified Fantastic Object, and the new fighter, Hisoutensoku.
On the first day, I desperately scanned the internet to find a good source for releases, but /jp/ was still discussing Shuffle, Doujinstyle didn't actually have anyone at C76 and Gensokyo.org is pretty much dead.
Last year I simply waited on /jp/ until there was a Rapidshare release, but this year I was under a lot more pressure to be the first one to post it in the Touhou thread on osu!. Luckily, I remembered that although the IRC networks I was on consisted of mostly furries, there was indeed a network with channels dedicated to weeaboos, trolling and more importantly, Japan. I visited Rizon for the first time, and I was impressed. By the time I got there they already had a channel set up to archive C76 releases. #c76 was at first pretty stupid, with the most retarded people gathering and asking for the latest touhous and seacats, but after a while it leveled out. In that time I also joined #touhou, which is a fairly slow channel (at least whilst everyone else is on #c76) that has some interesting people and a similar atmosphere to osu!'s #touhou. In fact, at one time I got mixed up between the two when I saw Ota-kun posting there (an osu! user who I looked down on until he proved himself about five months ago during a Taiko discussion). I'll probably stick around for a while, since it's a lot more fun than the stuff on Esper and Surrealchat.
Oh yeah, and the guy that was mostly responsible for the English translation of Touhoumon was there, and understandably he wasn't very surprised when I said I'd heard his name before. A few discussions later, word got round that Touhou 12 was released, and about a day later a zip of 12.3 was confirmed legit.
I don't really have much to say about UFO yet, as I've already played the demo to death and I can't be bothered to 1cc it yet. Hisoutensoku/12.3/Unthinkable Natural Law (yeah, fuck you Aquinas!) on the other hand has seen a lot of use. It's-
hang on, someone wants to netplay.
Ok, done. (I lost)
It's basically an expansion to SWR, it comes with four 7 characters unlocked (Reimu, Marisa, Alice, Pachouli, Sanae, Cirno and China) and by playing through story mode you unlock another 2 characters (Suwako and Utsuho). Of course, only 9 characters is retarded, so by linking the config file to your SWR installation you unlock all the characters you have in SWR, each with slightly modified movesets (think Melee -> Brawl). Much better.
Only Sanae, Cirno and China have scenarios in story mode, but they're a lot different from SWR and IaMP. In Sanae's scenario, she sees a large moving shape so she searches for a giant robot and ends up fighting Suwako; the first part is the standard SWR-style battle, then it gets into spellcards and shit, but after that there's an extra round, where you fight whilst falling a great distance. In Cirno's story, she believes the large shape is the Diadaarabochi, a massive Youkai being; around the end, she encounters Marisa, who directs her down a hole, and then towards Alice's house, where Alice is testing out a huge new Doll; cue battle, cue spellcards, cue final round against this giant doll. Finally, China's story involves basically guarding the Scarlet Devil Mansion, but after a while she learns of a huge catfish, which she tracks down and fights; yes, the final boss of touhou Hisoutensoku is a giant fish, too bad it's just a dream.
Like IaMP and SWR, Hisoutensoku allows you to play against other players online. The online battle mode in this is pretty much the same as SWR, except with updated moves, better response times, less network lag and some new system/skill/spell cards. I've been enjoying myself on this a lot more than I did with SWR. My main has also shifted from Reisen to Suwako.
...I know what your thinking, and you're partly right. I was drawn towards her because she's probably the most awesome loli in Gensokyo, but her awesome attacks and unpredictable fighting style are the true reason I use her.

My other swag from C76 includes a bunch of doujin manga, a few albums and an mspaint comic of what supposedly happened during /jp/'s c76 meetup.

I suggest rape.

Monday, 10 August 2009

How do you know she is a witch?

I'm back, guys.
Cornwall was pretty similar to last time. The beaches can only be described as fantastic, yet the area I was at has fucking nothing to do. The sea was pretty much full of surfers, and there were like no towns nearby with actual decent shops.
While I was there, I played a hell of a lot of DS, dusting off old classics such as Taiko 2, Rhythm Heaven and Trackmania. I watched a bit of anime but didn't use the laptop much, so I wasn't able to finish my Miku parts for the osu! singing collab.
The countrysides were nice and the plants were singing and the birds and the sun was almost down from the top of the sky when I visited the last beach at Porthcurno, which actually consists of like five naturist beaches only accessable when the tide is out. After walking around rocks and pools and shit for a good few hours, we raced the tide back to the first beach and got there just as the waves were getting rougher. Interestingly, all the naked old men had left and the beach was now populated by families and foreigners, and a LOT of lolis (one was even wearing a swimsuit that was the closest thing I'd ever seen to a sukumizu).
Although it was kinda fun, ten days and no internet caused me to become paranoid; pretty much everything I saw reminded me of home, such as St.Levan (a church), a sign saying CLAMPING, car number plates featuring such three-letter combinations as UGU, GAR, AWP and SFG, a warning sign with an arrow and the word Vent, my dog being told to GET DOWN, a Combine Harvester, Co-op (a newsagents), a No Camping sign, a look out point labeled OVERWATCH, a Nice Boat, a scottish girl named Annie May, a Steam Engine sign, a village named "Canon's Town" and many more random references. It's good to be back.

Right, Doki Majo Plus.
It's a remake of Doki Doki Majo Shimpan featuring more in-depth events and an extra episode. The story hasn't changed at all, but each character is a lot more defined, with actual conversations between them and other characters rather than a vague summary. It became apparent really quickly that I know enough Japanese to understand what's going on. Achievement Unlocked.
I was originally having trouble deciding which girl I liked the best, but now it has become clear to me that the ideal suspect is Akai Maho, the genki cheerleader who transforms into a loli. I enjoyed her story a lot, and the ending made things better. Basically, she's poor and she really likes cats. She uses her loli form when she's not at school, and her parents are either dead or missing. In her arc, Akuji (the player) notices a little girl who looks slightly alike to his suspect, and treats her to an ice cream, and sorts out her house or something (I really need to learn more Kanji). When he catches her transforming she defends herself and gets defeated, and subsequentially tested. All the voiced scenes were epic, especially those featured in Renge's arc.
Speaking of Renge's arc, about halfway through it the player is taken to the arcade where she hangs out, and is treated to a game of Star Radish.
Star Radish is a retro shooter done in a NGPC style. Since it's top-down, I thought it would be easy given my prior experiance with Touhou, but the randomness of the game made it overwhelmingly hard after not very long. I got past the first level but died early in the second, and I thought I'd blew my chance, but luckily you can go back to the arcade every evening (game time) and play again.
Doki Majo Plus features an extra character who serves as a joke character until the extra episode. She's a loli and her name's Kiara, and she's well-tanned. Naturally, you'd expect this kind of character to be in my good books, but she's also extremely clingy and evil. From the start, she clings to Maho, sexually harrasing the places meant for me. She's also all mysterious and shit like Rei/Yuki which makes her extremely unlikable. In the extra arc you get to fight and test her, but it's in her non-loli uber form, which kinda sucks, but the battle is extremely hard, and fun, making her a worthy final boss.
Overall, I fucking loved it. I really feel like actually buying it now.

Oh and endless eight ended apparently. It was because of me, btw.

Well, I guess that's all. Until next time...

Maho is superior to Monoko, Remilia, Luka, Dawn and Haruna and always will be.

Friday, 31 July 2009


Just a quick post, I'm gonna be on holiday for a few weeks.
I'll be down in Cornwall again, at the very bottom of the UK.

In other news, Doki Majo Plus is now out~
I'm downloading it right now. This game is gonna be awesome, especially with Star Radish.

Expect a full post when I get back. So until then...

Guilty Gear is a casual game.

Wednesday, 8 July 2009

We have entered an endless recursion of time.

Yay new post~
I received my Razer Lachesis 4000dpi High-Precision Laser Gaming Mouse yesterday. It's pretty damn awesome.
When I plugged it in after installing the drivers, it kept saying that there was an unknown device, and received no mouse-related input whatsoever, although it could tell when I turned the dpi up or changed profile. I went through pretty much every page on the internet to try and find out the problem, but there were no related issues. I uninstalled the software for my old mouse and there was no difference, so I just gave up.
After self-harming, I noticed that Windows was pestering me about this unknown device, so in order to stop getting these error messages I just decided to use a generic HID mouse driver.
Then, I accidentally tapped the mouse and my cursor jumped over to my other screen. Fuck yes.
Basically, the problem was that the Lachesis uses two drivers: One for the awesome Razer features, and one for the mouse clicks and movement, which was apparently not included on the driver CD.
Anyway, this mouse is epic. I have it on max sensitivity but low cursor speed, allowing me to have full control of the cursor when playing stuff like osu! and CSS. Getting headshots is easy modo, and most important functions can be assigned to the programmable buttons. My Source mouse profile maps the two left side buttons to Use and Drop Weapon, and the right side buttons to Ventrilo and Ingame Voice, so I only have to use the keyboard for movement.

In other news, Shana season 3 is an OVA series, planned for winter. Hopefully it'll be a sequel rather than a side story.
I finished Macross Frontier. Overall it was pretty good. The characters were believable and there wasn't any forced comedy or drama. Apparently there's a few movies set after it, so I may or may not watch them.
I've started watching Shugo Chara!, it's a mahou shoujo loli anime, with comedy similar to OtoBoku, Nanoha and Myself;Yourself. The main character is once again the cutest, with awesome shyness moments and a bewildered personality.

I downloaded Counter-Strike 1.6 a few days ago, and it's pretty damn good. My school occasionally has CS LAN parties, but I usually do fairly badly with the mediocre office laptops, so I decided to start using my own one.

I have work experiance next week, so instead of school I'll be working...
...In the school IT department! The manager is a hardcore Q3A gamer, so we should have something to talk and/or argue about.

I'm not gonna bother reviewing the NND charts this time, as I'm not completely starved of things to write about. It's the same as last time anyway.

That's all for now, so until next time...

Pokebis is a faggot.

Saturday, 27 June 2009


I picked up COD5 and Bioshock yesterday on 360.
COD5 is exactly what I expected it to be: A generic war FPS with tonnes of 7yr olds playing it online. To cancel out the fail of the repulsive community and the gray=nexgen approach, I named all my classes after Touhou races.
Bioshock is awesome. The movement is very unreal-y, but it kinda has a HL1-like feel. When I decided to rescue the little sisters, I thought I was doing it wrong by not following the Irish dude's orders, but then pokebees told me it was the only way to get a good ending, and I noticed the delicious 100 GamerPoints you get for rescuing them all. Yay for lolis.

Michael Jackson died, which is kinda annoying. The internet pretty much exploded, and there's RIP MJ messages everywhere.

Macross Frontier is awesome. I totally didn't expect Ranka to be such an awesome loli, and the main character is a semi-trap.

I've decided to start reviewing the NND charts every time I post, giving me at least something to talk about.
Nanairo is still way up there, with SquaDus' version at no. 7. SquaDus is pretty awesome as he talks like a generic "best friend" eroge character, and sings like a girl.
Of course, there are tonnes of MJ videos in the charts. Most of them are just his various songs, but there are also some NND classics, like the Lucky Star MJ OP.
New meme alert: Greatest freakout ever over World of Warcraft. This is basically the new AGK. Some kid got his WoW subscription canceled so he freaked out. It'd obviously staged, but what the hell, it's lulz, and new MAD material.
Unexpectedly, there are also two Touhou renditions up there. They're both pretty well done, and could potentially be used as BGM.
Megpoid seems to be dominating this time. With quite a few songs, which is pretty much expected for a brand new Vocaloid.

I suggest rape.

Monday, 8 June 2009


I kinda forgot to do an E3 post, so here's a small round-up, in case you weren't alive at the time.
Microsoft announced a motion controller! It's totally original, guys.
Microsoft announced FaceBook! It's totally original, guys.
Sony announced a motion controller! It's totally original, guys.
Sony announced a download-only console! It's totally original, guys.
Nintendo... Wait, what DID Nintendo announce?

Anyway, there were also some more awesome yet not directly related updates, such as Star Radish in Doki Majo Plus! This is a truely epic announcement, and it has secured my will to attain the game. Also, Shana season 3 confirmed! I shat bricks.

I got a new phone a few days ago. It's a Nokia 5800, and it's awesome. It has pretty much every feature imaginable, plus a few emulators. I originally had Miku as my wallpaper, but then I remembered to conceal my power level, so I changed it to Nice Boat.

I also bought an outdated gaming PC. It has a 1337 case and one of those epic LCD temperature monitors, so I plan on upgrading it until it can run Crysis on full settings.

I've just finished Dokuro-Chan. I can see why people like it, but ultimately it has a very boring storyline and some really unfunny jokes. The only reason you should watch it is for the otaku point bonus.

Expect another post when something cool happens.

I suggest rape.

Saturday, 23 May 2009

Well that was cool.

I went to MCM today. London was pretty awesome, there were some good landmarks for me to test my DSi camera on.
This one was by far the biggest so far, as in, the last two were roughly the same size as a school, whereas this one was basically ComiCon-sized. Because of the huge amount of people, I wasn't able to get any cosplayer photos. Every time I asked someone, about 30 or so people would sweep either me or them away.
I WON on TAIKO, which is a pretty incredible achievement. The dude I was against was all AAARRRGGGHHH and stuff.
Since I had more money this time, I managed to attain more swag.
For example,

Pocky. Since you can now get the plain chocolate flavor in the UK, I bought the strawberry ones.

This Shana Figure. It cost me £6, but it's worth it for all the "use" I'll get out of it.

This awesome hat, which I am currently wearing. Obviously based on Di Gi Charat.

Strawberry Marshmellow Volume 1. Much more badass than the anime.

Shana poster. Yes, another one.

Lucky Star poster featuring the awesome artwork from the PS2 game.

Lucky Star wall scroll, because I secretly don't hate Kagami.

And THE BEST MOUSE PAD EVER. Seriously, they're like IMPOSSIBLE to import. I never thought I'd see this exact one at the TokyoToys stand.

Thursday, 21 May 2009

Classified Information~

I just watched the whole thing, and found that I could understand quite a lot without subs.
The episode follows a small arc in "Disappearance" involving Kyon, Mikuru, Mikuru, loli Haruhi and a Doctor Who reference.
The style hasn't changed a lot, but occasionally some of the faces and movement follows the K-ON! style.
That's all for now. I just wanted to be the first to blog this.

Oh also, SC4 Pix.

pippi. It was pretty hard to make, and it's not overly accurate, but I think this is the closest possible combination. She's JAMES DIFFICULTY when used, PWNing pretty much all bosses (Had a hard time with The Apprentice though).

Badass Santa, since it's illegal to download the Santa kit and not make a Santa character.

Robbie Rotton. Fucking win. Pretty good as a fighter, too.



...And Remmy, because I enjoy stripping him with pippi. Luckily, there was a voice available that sounded EXACTLY like he does on Vent.

Monday, 18 May 2009

My breasts... Megassa squeeze them.

Sorry about lack of updates, but it's not really my fault. The internet is being boring.

A few days ago, I purchased (with ACTUAL MONEY) Soul Calibur IV. The characters and story are pretty awesome, but the best thing is the character creator. I've spent countless hours reproducing characters from various anime, games, TV shows and religions and it never gets old.
I've been on it pretty much non stop, but I'll probably get bored soon, as normal mode is extremely easy, and hard mode is insane.

This Saturday, I'm going to MCM in London. I was gonna cosplay, but it turns out I'll be going with only one other person, and I don't want to sit on a train dressed as Gordon Freeman. On the bright side, I can now buy NSFW stuff without people constantly asking me every detail about it. I'm kinda hoping they'll have some Oppai mouse pads in stock, also I wanna get Inaba Box in print.

LOST just finished over here. Having been a loyal viewer from the start of season one, I think I speak for all followers of the series when I say "What the fuck was that all about?".

I recently downloaded the latest Ubuntu. For some reason it won't identify my internal wifi thing, so no internet until I decide whether to install it or not. The latter is more likely due to the AI pwning me at classic board games.

In other news, Pokemon Heart Gold and Soul Silver have been announced, with various videos and screenshots. This is by far the best possible thing that could have happened to Pokemon. Gold and Silver were epic, and always will be. I'll probably get Soul Silver, just because the GSC generation games I own consist of Pokemon Silver, Pokemon Shiruba and Pokemon Silver (Vida Trans).

E3 in a few weeks. Prepare for fail. Microsoft's most anticipated announcement is a new motion controller (like the Wiimote), Sony's is a new motion controller (like the Wiimote), and Nintendo's is that they've given up entirely on the core gamer. Yay for more wrists, puzzles and puppies.

That's about all I have time for tonight, so I leave you with this thing that I made when LoZ:ST was announced:

Wednesday, 6 May 2009


Swine flu. lol.
About two weeks ago it was always in the news, but now, not even a mention. Ima go right ahead and say it's because no one's scared of it enough for it to be a big deal.

In other news, EZ Flash 5i.
It arrived yesterday, and it's awesome. It came with a free extendable stylus, thumb stylus, and USB MicroSD reader that's so fucking small it only takes up half a USB port.
After a short break from the DS, I finally got around to DLing a few games I'd been meaning to play for ages.
Henry Hatsworth and the Puzzling Adventure is awesomely British. A large gameplay factor is the Tetris Attack-esque puzzle on the bottom screen, which I like because of the sheer badassness of Tetris Attack.
Megaman ZX is kinda confusing. I really thought I'd be able to walk it after playing through ZXA so many times, but I'm currently hopelessly lost.
Rhythm Heaven, the English iteration of Rhythm Tengoku is also epic. I got gold on most things in the first try, and beat Remix 10 within an hour of starting.
Finally, Kimo Kawa E. It's kinda boring. There's way too much dialog and nowhere near enough fairy-spanking.

#random has been pretty dead lately. Everyone just idles all the time and there's no cybering. I don't go on much anymore, but it's always lifeless when I do.

I've been reading MegaTokyo a lot lately, after reading the ED article. To be honest, the story is pretty damn good and I really couldn't care less if the writer's fat, ugly or an asshole. Of course, there are varying amounts of fail, but it has the same feeling as the KEY games.

Speaking of games, the game.

Speaking of games, Wanko to Kurasou. It fucking blew my mind. I guess I really am a n00b when it comes to eroge.

Speaking of unrelated Japanese words, I got come certificates for Asset Languages Japanese today. I'm still not good at it enough to watch RAWs without going into denial about whether I understand what's going on, but I'm getting there.


Wednesday, 29 April 2009


About four days ago I stayed up late watching Penguin Musume Heart. I finally finished at about three in the morning. I was extremely tired, so I decided to shut down. Just after I said goodbye on #random, some asshole thought it would be a good idea to tell me about a steam offer. Before I knew it, I had bought The Orange Box, drunk a pint of cider and finished three boxes of Pocky.
As I expected, TF2 runs extremely slow for me when I'm not aiming directly at the floor. I'll fix it when I can be bothered.
HL2, Ep1, Ep2, LC and Portal run perfect on all the highest settings, and they're all awesome. It's an extremely good thing that they have decent replay value, as I had already cleared them many times on various pirate versions.
Animewise, I'm about halfway through To Aru Majutsu no Index, and it's kinda strange. The main character is awesome, he's some failure of a student who has horrible luck due to his right hand deflecting any magic/ESP, such as spells, summoned creatures, and luck. The main heroine, Index, has such a minuscule part that there really isn't much to say about her. The next anime I'm gonna watch is Fate/Stay Night. I wish there were more Type-Moon anime, the stories are awesome, especially stuff like Tsukihime, I'd love to see that animated.

In other news, we finished our school media project. It's a movie made of horrible taste and fail, due to the annoying restrictions set by the exam board. Almost every bit of audio needed to be redubbed as the cameras all recorded a loud hum, and the music was swapped at the last minute, after I realised the original tracks were way too happy.

No, I will not post it here.

Sunday, 12 April 2009


Happy easter, guys.
I got a total of 0 eggs, but I have a huge jar of chillies so I'm not that bothered.
Also DEE ESS FUCKING EYE. It's awesome. It has a MATTE FINISH which makes it extremely sexy. I downloaded WarioWare: Snapped and Paper Plane with my free points, I still have 300 left.
The AAC player DOESN'T SUPPORT .AAC FILES. I had to download fucking ITUNES to convert correctly. It was worth it, though, because the DSi's visualizations are fucking epic.
I did a huge comparison of the different DSi-compatible flash cards, but I forgot to save it. EZ Flash 5i seems to be the winner, with Acekard 2i close in second. DSTTi has compatability issues with some games and homebrew, and R4i is extremely rare and apparently crappy. I'll buy the EZ Flash 5i when I get the money.
In the mean time, I have Braid on PC now. It's totally awesome, and it reminds me of stuff like Portal. Also, after much investigation, I've come up with the theory that Steam actually slows down games. When I got Left4Dead, I had been playing the pirated version on local a lot, and it ran flawlessly in full resolution. When I played the legit one, I got 2-4 FPS on 640x480 with all the graphics settings at the minimum. I originally thought it may have been to do with .gcf files or something, but when I tried the pirated L4D with steam active I got the same performance as the legit one. Similar stuff happens with CSS, Dystopia, Portal and GMod.
I also downloaded StarCraft. It's hard and very boring... without cheats! I love that feeling you get from completely pwning someone when they didn't have a chance of winning in the first place.
Animewise, I've been watching a lot lately. CLANNAD After Story finished, it was the essence of awesome, and so did Toradora, which was also pretty cool. /a/ hated the endings, but that's /a/, they hate everything.
K-ON started last week and it made me completely regain faith in KyoAni after the cancellation of 801-chan and the whole THERE IS NO HARUHI S2 thing. Seriously, this one is the best I've seen in quite a while. A few days after K-ON started, the first episode of the new Hayate no Gotoku series aired. J.C Staff seem to be getting a lot better at animation.
Since my last post, I've marathoned Elfen Leid, Strike Witches, Ookami to Koushinryou, and Hidamari Sketch x365. I doubt any of you actually give two shits about my opinion, so I'm not going to do any more reviews.
Haruhi Season 2 is pretty much confirmed now. As the re-airing of the first series has been listed as 28 episodes. Hopefully, the dissapearence arc hasn't been scrapped and we'll get our shy Nagato and Long-Hair Haruhi.
What is it with aliens and lemons? In pretty much every pic I've seen of Yuki or Ryoko, they're holding lemons and making their signiture faces. I wonder if they have like a fruit fetish or something...


Also, regarding that fancy dress thing, I went in as a pimp. The head of 6th form took a pic of me with a trapstitute, so if I can get a copy, I'll post it here, and maybe on osu!.

Tuesday, 10 March 2009


/a/, /c/ and /jp/ have been pretty close lately, mainly because of the new Touhou Animu, and because of the ban on Loli-related material in the UK.
I say "ban", but it's more like a "you really shouldn't". It has yet to pass, and somehow I don't think it'll ever take effect, as the media don't give a shit and the UK Government is preoccupied with the recession. Essentially, it's the same as when they banned the R4.

^ This brought 4chan, 2ch, SomethingAwful and NicoNicoDouga together. Quite an impressive feat if you ask me.

I've been playing SMOD lately. It's like GMOD except it's more gameplay-orientated. I'll probably stop soon though, as it takes forever to load.
The demo for UFO has been released. Epic win. ZUN has actually listened to fans for once and added factors that ACTUALLY AFFECT GAMEPLAY. He also reintroduced the classic spell system as opposed to the MoF/SA one. Sanae is a pretty good character, although her shots are kinda confusing. I thought she'd be my main until I saw Marisa's new laser shots.

This friday is comic relief, I think. My school is gonna allow students to wear normal clothes for £1, although since there is no uniform for 6th form students, they're making us go in fancy dress. Theme is "Future Careers"... What the hell does a giant fighting robot pilot wear?

I suggest rape.

Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Snooping as usual, I see.

Finished Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu. It was epic. Way better than Ichigo Mashimaro. Expect a review when I can be bothered.
Finished Chaos;Head. It was epic up until episode 8 or 9, where everything started to seem rushed. The final episode wasn't very deep at all, and I really didn't feel what I'd felt when watching the early episodes, although that may have been because Pokebis told me Chris-chan had died.
I'm currently playing Pokemon Crystal, mainly because it's popular at school, and I have an edge due to my years of experience with frame rate and throttle settings. I'm at the lighthouse with lv25s, and I have no idea how to get this "medicine", but whatever, I'll just speak to every possible person at 10x speed until I get it.
I don't know what to do with my Wii and 360, they're both just sitting there collecting dust whilst I play retro games on my DS.

I suggest rape.
(Shit, I forgot to say that in the last few posts...)

Friday, 27 February 2009

Epicness is a foot.

Last summer, I received a notice of entitlement for EMA (Education Maintenance Allowance) telling me I would get paid £30 a week to stay in 6th Form (College basically), so I sent in the form and got no reply.
Last week I received a letter telling me there was not enough information to complete my assessment, and that once I redo the form I'll get back payments to august last year. Fuck yes.
DSi is out in a few weeks, which allows me to make use of this extra money, and take perverted pics at the next MCM. Fuck yes.
New Touhou announced: Unidentified Fantastic Object, it has space ships, better 3D, and playable Sanae. Fuck yes.
English patch for SA was released. Fuck yes.
I finished shuffle, it suddenly got awesome in the last few episodes, and the best end was obtained. Now I've started watching Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu. I've just watched ep2, and I'm fucking hooked. Fuck yes.
First Higurashi Rei ep is out, Strike Witches season 2 confirmed. Fuck yes.
In b4 something shit happens, like my HDD gets corrupted or my lappy breaks.

Edit: I actually managed to successfully inb4 something.
It seems my parents are splitting up.
Well, I guess that means I won't be going to MCM.
Fuck it, I'll probably move out early next year anyway.
(^ Acting indifferent to look cool)

Saturday, 21 February 2009

/me returns.

I'm back from cornwall, it was pretty epic. There were loads of rocks and equally hard things to climb on, and it didn't rain.
Unfortunately, of the 30-odd people I saw, not one of them resembled Ana in the slightest, nor did they end sentences with ~desuwa. I guess the japanese aren't as smart as I thought.
I'll post pix of some badass rocks when they finish uploading from a really slow camera to a winME PC.

While I was there, I was faced with a lot of free time with no internets, and no big games, since I couldn't plug in my external hard drive. Good thing I had downloaded Yume Nikki and Melty Blood the day before I left.
Melty is a fighter like SF2, SWR and Mortal Combat, and the gameplay is pretty normal for a fighting game. I'll probably get more into it when I get netplay working.
The majority of my time was spent playing Yume Nikki, which, for an RPG, is a FUCKING GOOD GAME, even though it's full of randomness. It revolves around a hikikomori girl named Madotsuki, who does nothing but sleep, play NES, and write in her Dream Diary. There is basically nothing to do until she falls asleep, then she enters this trippy dream world full of random creepy shit. If the dreams reflect what her life has been like, it's understandable that she never leaves her apartment.
At first it seemed pretty boring, randomly wandering around, looking for "effects" that change her appearence and alter other things in weird ways, but after I got the bike and medamaude, I was pretty much hooked. It's strange how even though Madotsuki's only represented as a small sprite, the creator still manages to make her look moe.
After I got a shitload of effects, met a five-armed girl and a freaky white head thing, and went to mars, I eventually figured out that there would be no more effects, but I had no idea how to beat the game, good thing I had yume_nikki_010_walkthrough.rar.part. I eventually found out I had to drop everything in the lobby-type room, so I tried it, and nothing happened. I exited to the bedroom, and nothing happened. I went out to the balcony, nothing. Then I woke up, and repeated the process.
I had only just gotten over Ushio ;_;

Edit: I FINALLY figured out how to allow people without google accounts to comment. Now it's only a matter of time until ebaums floods the comments.

Monday, 16 February 2009


I'm heading over to Cornwall today, and I'll probably be back on Friday. Pix will be posted.
It'll be interesting to see how many girls have blond hair and blue eyes, and end every sentence with ~Desuwa.

Friday, 13 February 2009


I gave up on EoSD after failing so much on Remilia's second spell card, so I dusted off the old MoF and set out to 1cc it with the recently released English patch.
After a week of practice, I finally managed to do it. On easy.
Then it said I need to 1cc normal to get extra, so I closed it and facepalmed.
Pic related, it's the second most epic spell card ever.

Monday, 9 February 2009

Bitch, get out of the way!

Sorry about the lack of updates, I've been pretty busy with schoolwork (Doom) and housekeeping (Touhou).
I've been on EoSD a lot, probably because of some freaky NicoNico videos I've seen on /jp/. It's probably gonna be the first game I 1cc Normal on, just because you can't face the final boss (Remilia) on Easy.
I've actually been trying it on a variety of different displays, none of which are as good as my laptop. My TV worked well, but it randomly started flashing white, so I turned it off in fear of it blowing up. It was pretty fun on the DS for the 5 seconds before I noticed HUGE lag between it and my PC. So I now just play in fullscreen mode.
The lack of PoC sux, every time there's a bunch of power thingys I head up to the top of the screen, only to watch them fall and disappear. The controls piss me off too, it seems much less responsive than the other games.
IMO IN is best. It has Alice with her LAZOR, Wriggle with her pants, Mystia with her DUN...DUN...DUN...DUN...DUNDUNDUNDUNDUNDUNDUNDUNDUNDUNDUNDUNDUNDUNDUNDUN and best of all, Reisen with her Ears, Suppositories and DUN DUN DUN DUNDUNDUNDUNDUNDUNDUUUN DUNDUNDUNDUNDUNDUNDUNDUNDUNDUNDUNDUNDUN. She should be playable in a REAL Touhou game, rather than a multiplayer scramble with horrible controls, or a fighting spin-off game.
Also lulz.

In other news, I was gonna go to cornwall next week for my 17th birthday (in b4 underageb&), but it got canceled. I'm still going in summer, though.

Edit: Scratch that, it's still happening.

Saturday, 31 January 2009


EDIT: Oh fuck it. It's working again.

Aside: Any chance of a frickin' horizontal scrollbar, Blogger?

lol fansubbers.

I finished Happiness! recently, and in my opinion it was pretty damn good. Unfortunately, after the first few episodes, I noticed the fansub group had changed. Shiawase was pretty much perfect, they had decent karaoke, they actually subbed the spells, and the way they worded things made it extremely easy to understand. ray=out, on the other hand, just gave me up, let me down, ran around and deserted me. I was frequently plagued with unnecessary TL Notes showing translations that they, for some retarded reason, left out of the main subtitles. They also took everything literally, as if they were using google translate, making it hard to differenciate between serious dialogue and hypothetical jokes. Good thing the anime was good enough to make up for it.

Friday, 30 January 2009


Yep, they finally killed Nagisa.
To be honest, the death was pretty crappy. It was a montage of footage from older eps with the same music they use for every important scene. It actually angers me how KyoAni can spend so long getting us to fall in love with a character, and then chuck in a rushed death sequence.
On the bright side, Ushio was born, so now they can spend the rest of the series making us fall in love with her, and finish off with another failsome death.
On the other bright side, Toradora has a new OP.

Saturday, 24 January 2009

What the hell should I post here?

I really can't think of anything.
I finished another anime (Akane-Iro ni Somoru Saka) but it left me so confused I can't review it without contradicting myself many times over.
I've been playing two games, one of which (Touhoumon) is a hack with no major plotlines changed, and the other one (Sonic Riders) is old, and apparently shit.
Oh but Advance-Text is fucking epic.

I'm seriously tempted to start a webcomic using it and other hacking tools.

Also this:
Sister: Hey Josh, look, they have Spore!
Josh: That's stupid, Spore on DS.
Josh: I want it for Mac.
*Jon facepalms, and tells Neo about it at school the next day*
*Neo facepalms and posts it on his blog*

Sunday, 18 January 2009

The Internet Weather Forcast

I'm pretty annoyed with the internet at the moment, because I always end up with too much free time.
Here's an estimation of the events that will unfold within the next few months.

/a/: Now that Autosage has been leaked, expect every non-troll thread to be 404'd instantly.
/b/: Camwhores and Porn will continue to emerge, with a few asylum-seeking /a/non.
/c/: That Haruhi thread will never die, everything else will last a few hours at most.
/jp/: The forces of /a/ and /v/ remain there, confused as to why their threads get saged.
/v/: Expect more "Game of pretend" threads, and minor GTA/WoW discussion.
/everythingelse/: All topics are to be discussed with complete disregard for the actual purpose of the board.

peppy will release a new build soon that features previews of song backgrounds. He will then hang around on #osu until the bugs/requests have piled up enough to warrant more coding.
loginer will continue to model pippi, but will ultimately be disappointed and will start over again.
The Random board will become crowded with new users who don't actually play osu!.
The Touhou thread will die down until ZUN announces a new game.
IRC will mainly consist of discussions concerning Tode and Yuki's femininity.

Weaboos and Furries will unite and form a plan to raid /b/, however this will be unsuccessful as /b/ consists of 13 yr old newfags anyway.
Personal attacks WILL occur, resulting in yet more newfags visiting 4chan.

Britney will be left alone.
YTPs will die as more and more people are introduced to NicoNicoDouga and its MADs.
FPS videos will contain mostly voice conversations, rather than actual gameplay.
Everyone will have forgotton LittleBigPlanet by febuary.

The Anime Community:
Kyoto Animation will be raided by loyal viewers who are sick of waiting for last years Haruhi Season 2, but everyone will shut up when CLANNAD After Story finishes as they recall the devotion within Kyoani and reside to watch MUNTO.
The live action DBZ film won't be as shit as everyone thinks, and people will most likely forget it as they did with Transformers.
GAINAX will continue to be mysterious regarding their EVA films.
Toradora will be the new Lucky Star.
The second episode to that Touhou anime will never be released.

I will continue to suggest rape.

I suggest rape.

Thursday, 15 January 2009

Don't fuck with the Cornish.

Yeah, I finished Ichigo Mashimaro today, so I'm gonna make this my first anime review.

What do you get when you cross Lucky Star, Azumanga Daioh, Fawlty Towers and Beavis and Butt-head?
Lolis and fake lolis mocking foreigners and laughing at sexual references. And fuck me that's entertaining.


Well, they're cute, I'll give them that, but some things are slightly irritating.

Ito Nobue could be referred to as the main character, as she gets slightly more screen time than the others. Not by much though. She's basically a 20 year-old perverted lazy smoker who hangs around with 12 year-old kids to kill time. The animators decided to make her look even younger than she does in the manga (in which she is 16) to make sure that even the oldest main character is potential fapping material. Having said that, some of the stuff she says is pretty lulzy, and she relates to most of the target audience.

Ito Chika was probably meant to have more screen time, as she's the most normal looking character, but unfortunately if they actually made her more important most of the audience would probably get bored. She's the "voice of reason", or as I like to call it, the Kyou, but in her case, she seems more like a Light, since there is undeniable proof that SHE IS KIRA~desu.

Matsuoka Miu..... Hmm... I suppose she's this show's Haruhi. She does extremely stupid things for no apparent reason yet her friends continue to hang out with her and lend her money, Example: Everyone has to meet Nobue on the other side of the town/city/world, so the two fanservice girls take the bus, and Miu and Chika set off on foot, Chika has her bike, and Miu has Chika's scooter. Chika discovers that her bike is flat, so Miu fucks off with the scooter and gets on the bus, leaving Chika to ride THE WHOLE FUCKING WAY ON HER OWN. Seriously, they should punch her harder. On the other hand, she is LOL, and she says some pretty epic stuff whilst pointing out the unfairness in today's IRL society.

Sakuragi Matsuri, or TsukasaMiyukiMikuruYunoChii is a helpless girl who relies on everyone else for stuff. She reads Harry Potter, and she has a cellphone for the soul reason of texting Nobue. It's kinda cool how she goes from fail to win when she either falls over or says something serious. Oh and she has a ferret named John, and she's probably a mahou shoujo.

Ana Coppola is an exchange student who was born in a wall of corn. OH I'M SORRY I MEANT CORNWALL HEHEHE~


^Actual joke used in the anime, I'm sorry.
So yeah, she's from England, and she's basically FORGOTTEN ENGLISH.


Her character is made even less convincing by her Seiyuu, who is JAPANESE, and ACTUALLY HAS A LEGITIMATE REASON FOR NOT KNOWING ENGLISH.
Her accent is horrible, just like every other English-speaking anime character, but hey, AT LEAST THEY TRIED, RIGHT??

OK, now on to her character. She's pretty badass for a generic loli, and I can't actually think of a similar character to compare her to, so she's pretty win in my books.

I've actually been to Cornwall quite a few times, and I'm going again in summer. I'll have to remember to post pix.

Other than the five main characters, there's this old dude who probably spends all his time playing WoW, since he's extremely antisocial and gets pissed off at anything but total silence.
The Sensei is generic, except it's kinda cool how he repeatedly punishes this one kid...Matsuoka, I think, in an attempt to get him to commit suicide. The kid eventually said no, and Sensei went back to trolling Youtube.
There was also a foreigner who only spoke English. I lol'd. If someone spoke to me with that accent, I think I'd pretend I was French or something.

I kinda anticipated this bit being the longest, but in actual fact, there's not much to talk about. Ep1 Chika, Miu and Matsuri prepare something for Nobue's birthday, Ep2 Ana appears and Gununus, Ep3-Ep11 I forgot. Ep12 everyone celebrates Christmas, and all of them except Matsuri seems to think Santa doesn't exist, so they dress up as Santa and Reindeer to try to trick her into sticking to the Santa thing, inadvertently securing one-way tickets to hell.

That's where I'd like to leave it, but unfortunately I found every single episode extremely entertaining and original, with unique takes on the aspects of modern life.
I guess I'm just a faggot for loli anime.

To be honest, I was kinda disappointed when it ended, and I would have gladly put up with about fifty more episodes, good thing there's two OVA sequels.

This is the best bit, IMO.
The show remained incredibly lulzy without re-using old jokes. There were almost no references to other anime, making it incredibly n00b-friendly.
Ana failing at hiding the fact she knows Japanese was epic, especially the three chances she had to avoid confrontation.
Once when Nobue was sleeping, they all decided to communicate with notebooks/whiteboards. EVERY SINGLE TIME Miu did anything, I rofld.

Generic. I skipped it most times, but it was above average. The ED didn't do anything for me, so I only watched it once.

Good for new viewers or those who enjoy this type of anime, but could be found annoying by those who enjoy such shows as Shakugan no Shana, or Code Geass.
Rewatch value is there, with about as much as Family Guy or The Simpsons.

By the power invested in me by no one in particular, I hereby approve of this anime.

I suggest rape.

Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Rape has been suggested.

I suppose the title needs explaining.
Basically, when osu! had a #random IRC channel, A girl named Saturos-Fangirl (SFG is lol. She is most definitely yandere) and another one named LadySuburu (SPOILER: She's really a guy) were on the verge of having a cyber-orgy (Not that explicit, since peppy wouldn't allow it) when SFG was experiancing technical problems (I can't remember it now, it was either a power cut or a fucked-up monitor). I humbly stepped in with my amazing improvisation skills and presented a solution.

<Neo@lex>I suggest rape.

Oh wait, I haven't explained why the blog exists yet...
Well, I'm gonna post my impressions of various anime, and occasionally games and random events that occur concerning myself, osu!, 4chan or the otaku culture.
Expect the first anime review in a few days.

I suggest rape.

Allow me to introduce myself.

I'm Batman.
I'm L.
I'm The Doctor.
I'm The Banker.
I, Robot.
I am Jesus.
I am Beowulf.
This is Wiltshire.
This is Odaiba.
This is Madness.
Captain's log, stardate 17948265.

Where was I?
Hi. I'm Neo@lex, or Neoatlex, or Neokun....
Just call me Neo.
I'm pretty sure you've probably guessed my real name by now, but whatever.

My current age is 16, 17 in February.
For just over 5 years now I've been wandering the internet.
Originally I stuck to sucky sites like RuneScape, Habbo and Bebo, acting as what most of you would refer to as a n00b, or newfag. My browsing was pretty limited, and I couldn't download anything, since I ran win98 on dial-up.
Eventually, I kinda got into anime when I watched AIR on YouTube (Youtube quality seemed like 1080HD back then), and later, Naruto, Bobobo, GitS, Paniponi Dash, Chobits and Evangelion on TV. I wasn't partucularly hooked, as I was still watching Looney Toons at the time, but anime had a different feel to anything I'd seen before.
Too bad mah graphics card overheated, limiting me to a 320x200 resolution with 16 colours.
For the larger half of a year (2006, I think) I was stuck with the TV and the Wii.
On the christmas of that year, I got a HP laptop with Windows Vista Home Premium, and fuck me, that was cool.
The day after recieving it, I immediately downloaded osu! (which is a rhythm game for PC based on Ouendan and Elite Beat Agents, for those of you without the initiative to click the link) and signed up at the forum.
There, I graduated from internet school.
I've learned an incredible amount of things from osu!, such as why/why not to visit 4chan and Encyclopedia Dramatica, and the importance of beatspacing.
While I was RAGEing over my first visit to /b/, I remembered that I could download stuff now that I had space. Cue utorrent, cue mininova, cue Lucky Star.
Lucky Star.
God dammit.
I'd heard a lot of bad rumors about lucky star, but I decided I had to watch it, since it was done by Kyoto Animation (who also did AIR).
Episodes 1 and 2 were bleh, too bad I had obliged myself to watch up to ep5 before giving up.
Eps 3 and up were HONTONI SUGOI DESU.
I immediately fell in love with Konata and Misao, ROFLing until at least a week after I finished it.
(lol. timotei.)
From then on I was pretty much obliged to watch all of KyoAni's stuff, along with every anime I could find until the industry gets killed.
Which brings us to how I am today.
I'm an Otaku, or Weaboo, but fuck you, it's fun.
I'm an intensive gamer, retro platformers being my specialty.
I spend most of my time on the osu! forums or IRC channel.
I'm backing Nintendo in the console war, but I recently got an XBox360, because NINTENDO DOESN'T CARE ABOUT ITS FANBASE.
My five favorite anime are Lucky Star, Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu, Shakugan no Shana, Hayate no Gotoku and Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni.
Favorite characters...uhh.... Izumi Konata, Kamio Misuzu, Ibuki Fuuko, Furude Hanyuu and Suzumiya Haruhi.
I tend to prefer the younger/flatter looking characters, which has lead some to dub me as a lolicon (essentially, it means pedo, so not a good thing).
Fun Fact: over 9000% of the "lolis" (pre-pubesant girls) are older than me.
Yeah, I don't get it either, but it seems the Japanese make it so they're over 18 to avoid legal issues concerning hentai, which, surprisingly enough, I DO NOT read.

tl;dr I'm a weaboo lolicon faggot.

Ok, that's about all there is to know about me, so for now...
I suggest rape.
I'll explain the title/catchphrase later.