Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Weeaboo Christmas~

Comiket 76 happened a few days ago, and naturally it was flooded. Two Touhou games were released, the latest Danmaku, Unidentified Fantastic Object, and the new fighter, Hisoutensoku.
On the first day, I desperately scanned the internet to find a good source for releases, but /jp/ was still discussing Shuffle, Doujinstyle didn't actually have anyone at C76 and Gensokyo.org is pretty much dead.
Last year I simply waited on /jp/ until there was a Rapidshare release, but this year I was under a lot more pressure to be the first one to post it in the Touhou thread on osu!. Luckily, I remembered that although the IRC networks I was on consisted of mostly furries, there was indeed a network with channels dedicated to weeaboos, trolling and more importantly, Japan. I visited Rizon for the first time, and I was impressed. By the time I got there they already had a channel set up to archive C76 releases. #c76 was at first pretty stupid, with the most retarded people gathering and asking for the latest touhous and seacats, but after a while it leveled out. In that time I also joined #touhou, which is a fairly slow channel (at least whilst everyone else is on #c76) that has some interesting people and a similar atmosphere to osu!'s #touhou. In fact, at one time I got mixed up between the two when I saw Ota-kun posting there (an osu! user who I looked down on until he proved himself about five months ago during a Taiko discussion). I'll probably stick around for a while, since it's a lot more fun than the stuff on Esper and Surrealchat.
Oh yeah, and the guy that was mostly responsible for the English translation of Touhoumon was there, and understandably he wasn't very surprised when I said I'd heard his name before. A few discussions later, word got round that Touhou 12 was released, and about a day later a zip of 12.3 was confirmed legit.
I don't really have much to say about UFO yet, as I've already played the demo to death and I can't be bothered to 1cc it yet. Hisoutensoku/12.3/Unthinkable Natural Law (yeah, fuck you Aquinas!) on the other hand has seen a lot of use. It's-
hang on, someone wants to netplay.
Ok, done. (I lost)
It's basically an expansion to SWR, it comes with four 7 characters unlocked (Reimu, Marisa, Alice, Pachouli, Sanae, Cirno and China) and by playing through story mode you unlock another 2 characters (Suwako and Utsuho). Of course, only 9 characters is retarded, so by linking the config file to your SWR installation you unlock all the characters you have in SWR, each with slightly modified movesets (think Melee -> Brawl). Much better.
Only Sanae, Cirno and China have scenarios in story mode, but they're a lot different from SWR and IaMP. In Sanae's scenario, she sees a large moving shape so she searches for a giant robot and ends up fighting Suwako; the first part is the standard SWR-style battle, then it gets into spellcards and shit, but after that there's an extra round, where you fight whilst falling a great distance. In Cirno's story, she believes the large shape is the Diadaarabochi, a massive Youkai being; around the end, she encounters Marisa, who directs her down a hole, and then towards Alice's house, where Alice is testing out a huge new Doll; cue battle, cue spellcards, cue final round against this giant doll. Finally, China's story involves basically guarding the Scarlet Devil Mansion, but after a while she learns of a huge catfish, which she tracks down and fights; yes, the final boss of touhou Hisoutensoku is a giant fish, too bad it's just a dream.
Like IaMP and SWR, Hisoutensoku allows you to play against other players online. The online battle mode in this is pretty much the same as SWR, except with updated moves, better response times, less network lag and some new system/skill/spell cards. I've been enjoying myself on this a lot more than I did with SWR. My main has also shifted from Reisen to Suwako.
...I know what your thinking, and you're partly right. I was drawn towards her because she's probably the most awesome loli in Gensokyo, but her awesome attacks and unpredictable fighting style are the true reason I use her.

My other swag from C76 includes a bunch of doujin manga, a few albums and an mspaint comic of what supposedly happened during /jp/'s c76 meetup.

I suggest rape.

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