Saturday, 31 January 2009


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lol fansubbers.

I finished Happiness! recently, and in my opinion it was pretty damn good. Unfortunately, after the first few episodes, I noticed the fansub group had changed. Shiawase was pretty much perfect, they had decent karaoke, they actually subbed the spells, and the way they worded things made it extremely easy to understand. ray=out, on the other hand, just gave me up, let me down, ran around and deserted me. I was frequently plagued with unnecessary TL Notes showing translations that they, for some retarded reason, left out of the main subtitles. They also took everything literally, as if they were using google translate, making it hard to differenciate between serious dialogue and hypothetical jokes. Good thing the anime was good enough to make up for it.

Friday, 30 January 2009


Yep, they finally killed Nagisa.
To be honest, the death was pretty crappy. It was a montage of footage from older eps with the same music they use for every important scene. It actually angers me how KyoAni can spend so long getting us to fall in love with a character, and then chuck in a rushed death sequence.
On the bright side, Ushio was born, so now they can spend the rest of the series making us fall in love with her, and finish off with another failsome death.
On the other bright side, Toradora has a new OP.

Saturday, 24 January 2009

What the hell should I post here?

I really can't think of anything.
I finished another anime (Akane-Iro ni Somoru Saka) but it left me so confused I can't review it without contradicting myself many times over.
I've been playing two games, one of which (Touhoumon) is a hack with no major plotlines changed, and the other one (Sonic Riders) is old, and apparently shit.
Oh but Advance-Text is fucking epic.

I'm seriously tempted to start a webcomic using it and other hacking tools.

Also this:
Sister: Hey Josh, look, they have Spore!
Josh: That's stupid, Spore on DS.
Josh: I want it for Mac.
*Jon facepalms, and tells Neo about it at school the next day*
*Neo facepalms and posts it on his blog*

Sunday, 18 January 2009

The Internet Weather Forcast

I'm pretty annoyed with the internet at the moment, because I always end up with too much free time.
Here's an estimation of the events that will unfold within the next few months.

/a/: Now that Autosage has been leaked, expect every non-troll thread to be 404'd instantly.
/b/: Camwhores and Porn will continue to emerge, with a few asylum-seeking /a/non.
/c/: That Haruhi thread will never die, everything else will last a few hours at most.
/jp/: The forces of /a/ and /v/ remain there, confused as to why their threads get saged.
/v/: Expect more "Game of pretend" threads, and minor GTA/WoW discussion.
/everythingelse/: All topics are to be discussed with complete disregard for the actual purpose of the board.

peppy will release a new build soon that features previews of song backgrounds. He will then hang around on #osu until the bugs/requests have piled up enough to warrant more coding.
loginer will continue to model pippi, but will ultimately be disappointed and will start over again.
The Random board will become crowded with new users who don't actually play osu!.
The Touhou thread will die down until ZUN announces a new game.
IRC will mainly consist of discussions concerning Tode and Yuki's femininity.

Weaboos and Furries will unite and form a plan to raid /b/, however this will be unsuccessful as /b/ consists of 13 yr old newfags anyway.
Personal attacks WILL occur, resulting in yet more newfags visiting 4chan.

Britney will be left alone.
YTPs will die as more and more people are introduced to NicoNicoDouga and its MADs.
FPS videos will contain mostly voice conversations, rather than actual gameplay.
Everyone will have forgotton LittleBigPlanet by febuary.

The Anime Community:
Kyoto Animation will be raided by loyal viewers who are sick of waiting for last years Haruhi Season 2, but everyone will shut up when CLANNAD After Story finishes as they recall the devotion within Kyoani and reside to watch MUNTO.
The live action DBZ film won't be as shit as everyone thinks, and people will most likely forget it as they did with Transformers.
GAINAX will continue to be mysterious regarding their EVA films.
Toradora will be the new Lucky Star.
The second episode to that Touhou anime will never be released.

I will continue to suggest rape.

I suggest rape.

Thursday, 15 January 2009

Don't fuck with the Cornish.

Yeah, I finished Ichigo Mashimaro today, so I'm gonna make this my first anime review.

What do you get when you cross Lucky Star, Azumanga Daioh, Fawlty Towers and Beavis and Butt-head?
Lolis and fake lolis mocking foreigners and laughing at sexual references. And fuck me that's entertaining.


Well, they're cute, I'll give them that, but some things are slightly irritating.

Ito Nobue could be referred to as the main character, as she gets slightly more screen time than the others. Not by much though. She's basically a 20 year-old perverted lazy smoker who hangs around with 12 year-old kids to kill time. The animators decided to make her look even younger than she does in the manga (in which she is 16) to make sure that even the oldest main character is potential fapping material. Having said that, some of the stuff she says is pretty lulzy, and she relates to most of the target audience.

Ito Chika was probably meant to have more screen time, as she's the most normal looking character, but unfortunately if they actually made her more important most of the audience would probably get bored. She's the "voice of reason", or as I like to call it, the Kyou, but in her case, she seems more like a Light, since there is undeniable proof that SHE IS KIRA~desu.

Matsuoka Miu..... Hmm... I suppose she's this show's Haruhi. She does extremely stupid things for no apparent reason yet her friends continue to hang out with her and lend her money, Example: Everyone has to meet Nobue on the other side of the town/city/world, so the two fanservice girls take the bus, and Miu and Chika set off on foot, Chika has her bike, and Miu has Chika's scooter. Chika discovers that her bike is flat, so Miu fucks off with the scooter and gets on the bus, leaving Chika to ride THE WHOLE FUCKING WAY ON HER OWN. Seriously, they should punch her harder. On the other hand, she is LOL, and she says some pretty epic stuff whilst pointing out the unfairness in today's IRL society.

Sakuragi Matsuri, or TsukasaMiyukiMikuruYunoChii is a helpless girl who relies on everyone else for stuff. She reads Harry Potter, and she has a cellphone for the soul reason of texting Nobue. It's kinda cool how she goes from fail to win when she either falls over or says something serious. Oh and she has a ferret named John, and she's probably a mahou shoujo.

Ana Coppola is an exchange student who was born in a wall of corn. OH I'M SORRY I MEANT CORNWALL HEHEHE~


^Actual joke used in the anime, I'm sorry.
So yeah, she's from England, and she's basically FORGOTTEN ENGLISH.


Her character is made even less convincing by her Seiyuu, who is JAPANESE, and ACTUALLY HAS A LEGITIMATE REASON FOR NOT KNOWING ENGLISH.
Her accent is horrible, just like every other English-speaking anime character, but hey, AT LEAST THEY TRIED, RIGHT??

OK, now on to her character. She's pretty badass for a generic loli, and I can't actually think of a similar character to compare her to, so she's pretty win in my books.

I've actually been to Cornwall quite a few times, and I'm going again in summer. I'll have to remember to post pix.

Other than the five main characters, there's this old dude who probably spends all his time playing WoW, since he's extremely antisocial and gets pissed off at anything but total silence.
The Sensei is generic, except it's kinda cool how he repeatedly punishes this one kid...Matsuoka, I think, in an attempt to get him to commit suicide. The kid eventually said no, and Sensei went back to trolling Youtube.
There was also a foreigner who only spoke English. I lol'd. If someone spoke to me with that accent, I think I'd pretend I was French or something.

I kinda anticipated this bit being the longest, but in actual fact, there's not much to talk about. Ep1 Chika, Miu and Matsuri prepare something for Nobue's birthday, Ep2 Ana appears and Gununus, Ep3-Ep11 I forgot. Ep12 everyone celebrates Christmas, and all of them except Matsuri seems to think Santa doesn't exist, so they dress up as Santa and Reindeer to try to trick her into sticking to the Santa thing, inadvertently securing one-way tickets to hell.

That's where I'd like to leave it, but unfortunately I found every single episode extremely entertaining and original, with unique takes on the aspects of modern life.
I guess I'm just a faggot for loli anime.

To be honest, I was kinda disappointed when it ended, and I would have gladly put up with about fifty more episodes, good thing there's two OVA sequels.

This is the best bit, IMO.
The show remained incredibly lulzy without re-using old jokes. There were almost no references to other anime, making it incredibly n00b-friendly.
Ana failing at hiding the fact she knows Japanese was epic, especially the three chances she had to avoid confrontation.
Once when Nobue was sleeping, they all decided to communicate with notebooks/whiteboards. EVERY SINGLE TIME Miu did anything, I rofld.

Generic. I skipped it most times, but it was above average. The ED didn't do anything for me, so I only watched it once.

Good for new viewers or those who enjoy this type of anime, but could be found annoying by those who enjoy such shows as Shakugan no Shana, or Code Geass.
Rewatch value is there, with about as much as Family Guy or The Simpsons.

By the power invested in me by no one in particular, I hereby approve of this anime.

I suggest rape.

Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Rape has been suggested.

I suppose the title needs explaining.
Basically, when osu! had a #random IRC channel, A girl named Saturos-Fangirl (SFG is lol. She is most definitely yandere) and another one named LadySuburu (SPOILER: She's really a guy) were on the verge of having a cyber-orgy (Not that explicit, since peppy wouldn't allow it) when SFG was experiancing technical problems (I can't remember it now, it was either a power cut or a fucked-up monitor). I humbly stepped in with my amazing improvisation skills and presented a solution.

<Neo@lex>I suggest rape.

Oh wait, I haven't explained why the blog exists yet...
Well, I'm gonna post my impressions of various anime, and occasionally games and random events that occur concerning myself, osu!, 4chan or the otaku culture.
Expect the first anime review in a few days.

I suggest rape.

Allow me to introduce myself.

I'm Batman.
I'm L.
I'm The Doctor.
I'm The Banker.
I, Robot.
I am Jesus.
I am Beowulf.
This is Wiltshire.
This is Odaiba.
This is Madness.
Captain's log, stardate 17948265.

Where was I?
Hi. I'm Neo@lex, or Neoatlex, or Neokun....
Just call me Neo.
I'm pretty sure you've probably guessed my real name by now, but whatever.

My current age is 16, 17 in February.
For just over 5 years now I've been wandering the internet.
Originally I stuck to sucky sites like RuneScape, Habbo and Bebo, acting as what most of you would refer to as a n00b, or newfag. My browsing was pretty limited, and I couldn't download anything, since I ran win98 on dial-up.
Eventually, I kinda got into anime when I watched AIR on YouTube (Youtube quality seemed like 1080HD back then), and later, Naruto, Bobobo, GitS, Paniponi Dash, Chobits and Evangelion on TV. I wasn't partucularly hooked, as I was still watching Looney Toons at the time, but anime had a different feel to anything I'd seen before.
Too bad mah graphics card overheated, limiting me to a 320x200 resolution with 16 colours.
For the larger half of a year (2006, I think) I was stuck with the TV and the Wii.
On the christmas of that year, I got a HP laptop with Windows Vista Home Premium, and fuck me, that was cool.
The day after recieving it, I immediately downloaded osu! (which is a rhythm game for PC based on Ouendan and Elite Beat Agents, for those of you without the initiative to click the link) and signed up at the forum.
There, I graduated from internet school.
I've learned an incredible amount of things from osu!, such as why/why not to visit 4chan and Encyclopedia Dramatica, and the importance of beatspacing.
While I was RAGEing over my first visit to /b/, I remembered that I could download stuff now that I had space. Cue utorrent, cue mininova, cue Lucky Star.
Lucky Star.
God dammit.
I'd heard a lot of bad rumors about lucky star, but I decided I had to watch it, since it was done by Kyoto Animation (who also did AIR).
Episodes 1 and 2 were bleh, too bad I had obliged myself to watch up to ep5 before giving up.
Eps 3 and up were HONTONI SUGOI DESU.
I immediately fell in love with Konata and Misao, ROFLing until at least a week after I finished it.
(lol. timotei.)
From then on I was pretty much obliged to watch all of KyoAni's stuff, along with every anime I could find until the industry gets killed.
Which brings us to how I am today.
I'm an Otaku, or Weaboo, but fuck you, it's fun.
I'm an intensive gamer, retro platformers being my specialty.
I spend most of my time on the osu! forums or IRC channel.
I'm backing Nintendo in the console war, but I recently got an XBox360, because NINTENDO DOESN'T CARE ABOUT ITS FANBASE.
My five favorite anime are Lucky Star, Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu, Shakugan no Shana, Hayate no Gotoku and Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni.
Favorite characters...uhh.... Izumi Konata, Kamio Misuzu, Ibuki Fuuko, Furude Hanyuu and Suzumiya Haruhi.
I tend to prefer the younger/flatter looking characters, which has lead some to dub me as a lolicon (essentially, it means pedo, so not a good thing).
Fun Fact: over 9000% of the "lolis" (pre-pubesant girls) are older than me.
Yeah, I don't get it either, but it seems the Japanese make it so they're over 18 to avoid legal issues concerning hentai, which, surprisingly enough, I DO NOT read.

tl;dr I'm a weaboo lolicon faggot.

Ok, that's about all there is to know about me, so for now...
I suggest rape.
I'll explain the title/catchphrase later.