Wednesday, 25 November 2009

I am cool.

For the last few months, I've been playing MK64 at school, and I showed everyone else how to do it, too. It quickly became one of the major accepted school pastimes.
Two weeks ago, I was told that there's a way to send popup messages over LAN using command prompt, and I soon figured it out, but I didn't tell anyone.
Probably through observation, someone else found out how to do it. Whoever it was didn't keep it a secret, and yesterday the network was completely flooded with global messages saying "maggot".
Of course, the staff didn't like this, and today they performed various anti-fun operations such as deleting everyone's emulators and restricting both command prompt and project64.exe. In ICT, there was a small meeting between the head ICT teacher and the lead technician- the ICT head believes the existence of the popup messages to be a "major security breach" and he thinks someone put a worm in the system called project.64.
This could be fun. If it gets too annoying, I have a copy of lose/lose on my SD card.

Friday, 13 November 2009


MW2 is out, and it's shit.

In other news, I still can't 1cc Undefined Fantastic Object on Easy. Shit's hard, I was originally using MarisaB but I found SanaeB more responsive.
The osu! community is being gay. There's drama about mods and shit, and I'm trying not to troll.
Touhoumon Insane (Drakuza) is awesome. I downloaded it three days ago and I still haven't reached Brock.
OpenOffice is better than Microsoft Office. Word decided to be a DRMfag on the day before an essay was due in. I downloaded this shit and it runs faster and you can do a lot more.

Japanese bird cooking spaghetti.
A Mod posted on /a/. He seems nice. Of course it didn't instantly restore order but it did make an impact on the sagebombers.
I got over 26000 points on Hopping Tenshi.
My TV won't work, so no XBox or Wii. It's annoying because I had only just got back into Brawl.
Pokebis is still a faggot. All is well.
Gurren Lagann was awesome. Lots of loli and kiai.
Manabi Straight is awesome. Even more loli. One of the main characters looks just like Cirno, too.
Cum tastes bitter.
L4D2 demo wins. I played it at a friend's house when he was out. The graphics are kickass and the gameplay is still cool. I'd like to get it on PC. Maybe after Christmas.
Sanae is a good girl. Pat her head and tell her she's a good girl.
My mom's horse died. It had a long life (25 years) and it was an awesome horse. Thankfully it had a quick death rather than a long painful one.
I finished my uni statement. I'm not going to show you it.
Mario Kart 64 is delicious in 1080p. I don't care what you say about aspect ratio.
Red text is now unreliable.
NicoNicoDouga(9) has had a flood of kickass videos. It all started with Bad Apple.
Finally, Chicken ando Kau use Weeru ando Dorufin as decoy.

I suggest easy!!!