Friday, 31 July 2009


Just a quick post, I'm gonna be on holiday for a few weeks.
I'll be down in Cornwall again, at the very bottom of the UK.

In other news, Doki Majo Plus is now out~
I'm downloading it right now. This game is gonna be awesome, especially with Star Radish.

Expect a full post when I get back. So until then...

Guilty Gear is a casual game.

Wednesday, 8 July 2009

We have entered an endless recursion of time.

Yay new post~
I received my Razer Lachesis 4000dpi High-Precision Laser Gaming Mouse yesterday. It's pretty damn awesome.
When I plugged it in after installing the drivers, it kept saying that there was an unknown device, and received no mouse-related input whatsoever, although it could tell when I turned the dpi up or changed profile. I went through pretty much every page on the internet to try and find out the problem, but there were no related issues. I uninstalled the software for my old mouse and there was no difference, so I just gave up.
After self-harming, I noticed that Windows was pestering me about this unknown device, so in order to stop getting these error messages I just decided to use a generic HID mouse driver.
Then, I accidentally tapped the mouse and my cursor jumped over to my other screen. Fuck yes.
Basically, the problem was that the Lachesis uses two drivers: One for the awesome Razer features, and one for the mouse clicks and movement, which was apparently not included on the driver CD.
Anyway, this mouse is epic. I have it on max sensitivity but low cursor speed, allowing me to have full control of the cursor when playing stuff like osu! and CSS. Getting headshots is easy modo, and most important functions can be assigned to the programmable buttons. My Source mouse profile maps the two left side buttons to Use and Drop Weapon, and the right side buttons to Ventrilo and Ingame Voice, so I only have to use the keyboard for movement.

In other news, Shana season 3 is an OVA series, planned for winter. Hopefully it'll be a sequel rather than a side story.
I finished Macross Frontier. Overall it was pretty good. The characters were believable and there wasn't any forced comedy or drama. Apparently there's a few movies set after it, so I may or may not watch them.
I've started watching Shugo Chara!, it's a mahou shoujo loli anime, with comedy similar to OtoBoku, Nanoha and Myself;Yourself. The main character is once again the cutest, with awesome shyness moments and a bewildered personality.

I downloaded Counter-Strike 1.6 a few days ago, and it's pretty damn good. My school occasionally has CS LAN parties, but I usually do fairly badly with the mediocre office laptops, so I decided to start using my own one.

I have work experiance next week, so instead of school I'll be working...
...In the school IT department! The manager is a hardcore Q3A gamer, so we should have something to talk and/or argue about.

I'm not gonna bother reviewing the NND charts this time, as I'm not completely starved of things to write about. It's the same as last time anyway.

That's all for now, so until next time...

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