Saturday, 23 May 2009

Well that was cool.

I went to MCM today. London was pretty awesome, there were some good landmarks for me to test my DSi camera on.
This one was by far the biggest so far, as in, the last two were roughly the same size as a school, whereas this one was basically ComiCon-sized. Because of the huge amount of people, I wasn't able to get any cosplayer photos. Every time I asked someone, about 30 or so people would sweep either me or them away.
I WON on TAIKO, which is a pretty incredible achievement. The dude I was against was all AAARRRGGGHHH and stuff.
Since I had more money this time, I managed to attain more swag.
For example,

Pocky. Since you can now get the plain chocolate flavor in the UK, I bought the strawberry ones.

This Shana Figure. It cost me £6, but it's worth it for all the "use" I'll get out of it.

This awesome hat, which I am currently wearing. Obviously based on Di Gi Charat.

Strawberry Marshmellow Volume 1. Much more badass than the anime.

Shana poster. Yes, another one.

Lucky Star poster featuring the awesome artwork from the PS2 game.

Lucky Star wall scroll, because I secretly don't hate Kagami.

And THE BEST MOUSE PAD EVER. Seriously, they're like IMPOSSIBLE to import. I never thought I'd see this exact one at the TokyoToys stand.

Thursday, 21 May 2009

Classified Information~

I just watched the whole thing, and found that I could understand quite a lot without subs.
The episode follows a small arc in "Disappearance" involving Kyon, Mikuru, Mikuru, loli Haruhi and a Doctor Who reference.
The style hasn't changed a lot, but occasionally some of the faces and movement follows the K-ON! style.
That's all for now. I just wanted to be the first to blog this.

Oh also, SC4 Pix.

pippi. It was pretty hard to make, and it's not overly accurate, but I think this is the closest possible combination. She's JAMES DIFFICULTY when used, PWNing pretty much all bosses (Had a hard time with The Apprentice though).

Badass Santa, since it's illegal to download the Santa kit and not make a Santa character.

Robbie Rotton. Fucking win. Pretty good as a fighter, too.



...And Remmy, because I enjoy stripping him with pippi. Luckily, there was a voice available that sounded EXACTLY like he does on Vent.

Monday, 18 May 2009

My breasts... Megassa squeeze them.

Sorry about lack of updates, but it's not really my fault. The internet is being boring.

A few days ago, I purchased (with ACTUAL MONEY) Soul Calibur IV. The characters and story are pretty awesome, but the best thing is the character creator. I've spent countless hours reproducing characters from various anime, games, TV shows and religions and it never gets old.
I've been on it pretty much non stop, but I'll probably get bored soon, as normal mode is extremely easy, and hard mode is insane.

This Saturday, I'm going to MCM in London. I was gonna cosplay, but it turns out I'll be going with only one other person, and I don't want to sit on a train dressed as Gordon Freeman. On the bright side, I can now buy NSFW stuff without people constantly asking me every detail about it. I'm kinda hoping they'll have some Oppai mouse pads in stock, also I wanna get Inaba Box in print.

LOST just finished over here. Having been a loyal viewer from the start of season one, I think I speak for all followers of the series when I say "What the fuck was that all about?".

I recently downloaded the latest Ubuntu. For some reason it won't identify my internal wifi thing, so no internet until I decide whether to install it or not. The latter is more likely due to the AI pwning me at classic board games.

In other news, Pokemon Heart Gold and Soul Silver have been announced, with various videos and screenshots. This is by far the best possible thing that could have happened to Pokemon. Gold and Silver were epic, and always will be. I'll probably get Soul Silver, just because the GSC generation games I own consist of Pokemon Silver, Pokemon Shiruba and Pokemon Silver (Vida Trans).

E3 in a few weeks. Prepare for fail. Microsoft's most anticipated announcement is a new motion controller (like the Wiimote), Sony's is a new motion controller (like the Wiimote), and Nintendo's is that they've given up entirely on the core gamer. Yay for more wrists, puzzles and puppies.

That's about all I have time for tonight, so I leave you with this thing that I made when LoZ:ST was announced:

Wednesday, 6 May 2009


Swine flu. lol.
About two weeks ago it was always in the news, but now, not even a mention. Ima go right ahead and say it's because no one's scared of it enough for it to be a big deal.

In other news, EZ Flash 5i.
It arrived yesterday, and it's awesome. It came with a free extendable stylus, thumb stylus, and USB MicroSD reader that's so fucking small it only takes up half a USB port.
After a short break from the DS, I finally got around to DLing a few games I'd been meaning to play for ages.
Henry Hatsworth and the Puzzling Adventure is awesomely British. A large gameplay factor is the Tetris Attack-esque puzzle on the bottom screen, which I like because of the sheer badassness of Tetris Attack.
Megaman ZX is kinda confusing. I really thought I'd be able to walk it after playing through ZXA so many times, but I'm currently hopelessly lost.
Rhythm Heaven, the English iteration of Rhythm Tengoku is also epic. I got gold on most things in the first try, and beat Remix 10 within an hour of starting.
Finally, Kimo Kawa E. It's kinda boring. There's way too much dialog and nowhere near enough fairy-spanking.

#random has been pretty dead lately. Everyone just idles all the time and there's no cybering. I don't go on much anymore, but it's always lifeless when I do.

I've been reading MegaTokyo a lot lately, after reading the ED article. To be honest, the story is pretty damn good and I really couldn't care less if the writer's fat, ugly or an asshole. Of course, there are varying amounts of fail, but it has the same feeling as the KEY games.

Speaking of games, the game.

Speaking of games, Wanko to Kurasou. It fucking blew my mind. I guess I really am a n00b when it comes to eroge.

Speaking of unrelated Japanese words, I got come certificates for Asset Languages Japanese today. I'm still not good at it enough to watch RAWs without going into denial about whether I understand what's going on, but I'm getting there.