Saturday, 23 May 2009

Well that was cool.

I went to MCM today. London was pretty awesome, there were some good landmarks for me to test my DSi camera on.
This one was by far the biggest so far, as in, the last two were roughly the same size as a school, whereas this one was basically ComiCon-sized. Because of the huge amount of people, I wasn't able to get any cosplayer photos. Every time I asked someone, about 30 or so people would sweep either me or them away.
I WON on TAIKO, which is a pretty incredible achievement. The dude I was against was all AAARRRGGGHHH and stuff.
Since I had more money this time, I managed to attain more swag.
For example,

Pocky. Since you can now get the plain chocolate flavor in the UK, I bought the strawberry ones.

This Shana Figure. It cost me £6, but it's worth it for all the "use" I'll get out of it.

This awesome hat, which I am currently wearing. Obviously based on Di Gi Charat.

Strawberry Marshmellow Volume 1. Much more badass than the anime.

Shana poster. Yes, another one.

Lucky Star poster featuring the awesome artwork from the PS2 game.

Lucky Star wall scroll, because I secretly don't hate Kagami.

And THE BEST MOUSE PAD EVER. Seriously, they're like IMPOSSIBLE to import. I never thought I'd see this exact one at the TokyoToys stand.

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