Monday, 8 June 2009


I kinda forgot to do an E3 post, so here's a small round-up, in case you weren't alive at the time.
Microsoft announced a motion controller! It's totally original, guys.
Microsoft announced FaceBook! It's totally original, guys.
Sony announced a motion controller! It's totally original, guys.
Sony announced a download-only console! It's totally original, guys.
Nintendo... Wait, what DID Nintendo announce?

Anyway, there were also some more awesome yet not directly related updates, such as Star Radish in Doki Majo Plus! This is a truely epic announcement, and it has secured my will to attain the game. Also, Shana season 3 confirmed! I shat bricks.

I got a new phone a few days ago. It's a Nokia 5800, and it's awesome. It has pretty much every feature imaginable, plus a few emulators. I originally had Miku as my wallpaper, but then I remembered to conceal my power level, so I changed it to Nice Boat.

I also bought an outdated gaming PC. It has a 1337 case and one of those epic LCD temperature monitors, so I plan on upgrading it until it can run Crysis on full settings.

I've just finished Dokuro-Chan. I can see why people like it, but ultimately it has a very boring storyline and some really unfunny jokes. The only reason you should watch it is for the otaku point bonus.

Expect another post when something cool happens.

I suggest rape.

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