Saturday, 27 June 2009


I picked up COD5 and Bioshock yesterday on 360.
COD5 is exactly what I expected it to be: A generic war FPS with tonnes of 7yr olds playing it online. To cancel out the fail of the repulsive community and the gray=nexgen approach, I named all my classes after Touhou races.
Bioshock is awesome. The movement is very unreal-y, but it kinda has a HL1-like feel. When I decided to rescue the little sisters, I thought I was doing it wrong by not following the Irish dude's orders, but then pokebees told me it was the only way to get a good ending, and I noticed the delicious 100 GamerPoints you get for rescuing them all. Yay for lolis.

Michael Jackson died, which is kinda annoying. The internet pretty much exploded, and there's RIP MJ messages everywhere.

Macross Frontier is awesome. I totally didn't expect Ranka to be such an awesome loli, and the main character is a semi-trap.

I've decided to start reviewing the NND charts every time I post, giving me at least something to talk about.
Nanairo is still way up there, with SquaDus' version at no. 7. SquaDus is pretty awesome as he talks like a generic "best friend" eroge character, and sings like a girl.
Of course, there are tonnes of MJ videos in the charts. Most of them are just his various songs, but there are also some NND classics, like the Lucky Star MJ OP.
New meme alert: Greatest freakout ever over World of Warcraft. This is basically the new AGK. Some kid got his WoW subscription canceled so he freaked out. It'd obviously staged, but what the hell, it's lulz, and new MAD material.
Unexpectedly, there are also two Touhou renditions up there. They're both pretty well done, and could potentially be used as BGM.
Megpoid seems to be dominating this time. With quite a few songs, which is pretty much expected for a brand new Vocaloid.

I suggest rape.

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