Wednesday, 25 November 2009

I am cool.

For the last few months, I've been playing MK64 at school, and I showed everyone else how to do it, too. It quickly became one of the major accepted school pastimes.
Two weeks ago, I was told that there's a way to send popup messages over LAN using command prompt, and I soon figured it out, but I didn't tell anyone.
Probably through observation, someone else found out how to do it. Whoever it was didn't keep it a secret, and yesterday the network was completely flooded with global messages saying "maggot".
Of course, the staff didn't like this, and today they performed various anti-fun operations such as deleting everyone's emulators and restricting both command prompt and project64.exe. In ICT, there was a small meeting between the head ICT teacher and the lead technician- the ICT head believes the existence of the popup messages to be a "major security breach" and he thinks someone put a worm in the system called project.64.
This could be fun. If it gets too annoying, I have a copy of lose/lose on my SD card.

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