Sunday, 18 January 2009

The Internet Weather Forcast

I'm pretty annoyed with the internet at the moment, because I always end up with too much free time.
Here's an estimation of the events that will unfold within the next few months.

/a/: Now that Autosage has been leaked, expect every non-troll thread to be 404'd instantly.
/b/: Camwhores and Porn will continue to emerge, with a few asylum-seeking /a/non.
/c/: That Haruhi thread will never die, everything else will last a few hours at most.
/jp/: The forces of /a/ and /v/ remain there, confused as to why their threads get saged.
/v/: Expect more "Game of pretend" threads, and minor GTA/WoW discussion.
/everythingelse/: All topics are to be discussed with complete disregard for the actual purpose of the board.

peppy will release a new build soon that features previews of song backgrounds. He will then hang around on #osu until the bugs/requests have piled up enough to warrant more coding.
loginer will continue to model pippi, but will ultimately be disappointed and will start over again.
The Random board will become crowded with new users who don't actually play osu!.
The Touhou thread will die down until ZUN announces a new game.
IRC will mainly consist of discussions concerning Tode and Yuki's femininity.

Weaboos and Furries will unite and form a plan to raid /b/, however this will be unsuccessful as /b/ consists of 13 yr old newfags anyway.
Personal attacks WILL occur, resulting in yet more newfags visiting 4chan.

Britney will be left alone.
YTPs will die as more and more people are introduced to NicoNicoDouga and its MADs.
FPS videos will contain mostly voice conversations, rather than actual gameplay.
Everyone will have forgotton LittleBigPlanet by febuary.

The Anime Community:
Kyoto Animation will be raided by loyal viewers who are sick of waiting for last years Haruhi Season 2, but everyone will shut up when CLANNAD After Story finishes as they recall the devotion within Kyoani and reside to watch MUNTO.
The live action DBZ film won't be as shit as everyone thinks, and people will most likely forget it as they did with Transformers.
GAINAX will continue to be mysterious regarding their EVA films.
Toradora will be the new Lucky Star.
The second episode to that Touhou anime will never be released.

I will continue to suggest rape.

I suggest rape.

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