Saturday, 21 February 2009

/me returns.

I'm back from cornwall, it was pretty epic. There were loads of rocks and equally hard things to climb on, and it didn't rain.
Unfortunately, of the 30-odd people I saw, not one of them resembled Ana in the slightest, nor did they end sentences with ~desuwa. I guess the japanese aren't as smart as I thought.
I'll post pix of some badass rocks when they finish uploading from a really slow camera to a winME PC.

While I was there, I was faced with a lot of free time with no internets, and no big games, since I couldn't plug in my external hard drive. Good thing I had downloaded Yume Nikki and Melty Blood the day before I left.
Melty is a fighter like SF2, SWR and Mortal Combat, and the gameplay is pretty normal for a fighting game. I'll probably get more into it when I get netplay working.
The majority of my time was spent playing Yume Nikki, which, for an RPG, is a FUCKING GOOD GAME, even though it's full of randomness. It revolves around a hikikomori girl named Madotsuki, who does nothing but sleep, play NES, and write in her Dream Diary. There is basically nothing to do until she falls asleep, then she enters this trippy dream world full of random creepy shit. If the dreams reflect what her life has been like, it's understandable that she never leaves her apartment.
At first it seemed pretty boring, randomly wandering around, looking for "effects" that change her appearence and alter other things in weird ways, but after I got the bike and medamaude, I was pretty much hooked. It's strange how even though Madotsuki's only represented as a small sprite, the creator still manages to make her look moe.
After I got a shitload of effects, met a five-armed girl and a freaky white head thing, and went to mars, I eventually figured out that there would be no more effects, but I had no idea how to beat the game, good thing I had yume_nikki_010_walkthrough.rar.part. I eventually found out I had to drop everything in the lobby-type room, so I tried it, and nothing happened. I exited to the bedroom, and nothing happened. I went out to the balcony, nothing. Then I woke up, and repeated the process.
I had only just gotten over Ushio ;_;

Edit: I FINALLY figured out how to allow people without google accounts to comment. Now it's only a matter of time until ebaums floods the comments.


  1. tl;dr , pics or it didn't happened

  2. You'll have to wait. WinME PC has stopped working, and I don't have the driver for the camera on my laptop.

  3. Thankz 4 teh commentz