Tuesday, 29 December 2009

I hear a hunter...

Got my Gaming PC, so now I can finally get around to playing games.
Windows 7 is pretty good, but I've noticed a lot of compatibility issues, which isn't that surprising considering it's x64.
Steam's winter sale has been good to me, and I have plenty of games to play on this thing.
TF2 is kickass, which was exactly what I was expecting. I suck at it, but yeah, it's kickass.
Mirror's edge is boring, mostly because I already completed it on Xbox. Similar thing with Bioshock, except I haven't completed it. Having said that, the graphics on UE3 games are fucking awesome, like, really awesome.
Left 4 Dead is FUCK YEAHHHHHH on this PC. I can finally grasp all the kiai I get from shouting obsceneties at the horde.
GMod finally runs well with addons. I'm currently running through HL2's story with this Mega AK SWEP that I don't remember downloading.
Audiosurf with full settings is trippy as fuck. It's starting to get boring, though. Maybe I need some new songs.

Strangely, I don't feel the need to go on IRC anymore. Hopefully it's just because I haven't exhausted my attention span on gaming yet.

By the way, my SteamID is NeoNyan. Add me if you want, but d-don't get the wrong idea! It's not like I want to be f-f-friends or anything!

I suggest rape. Also the game, except this time in 1080p with 16xQ CSAA running at 60fps capped or 273fps with no vsync.

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