Tuesday, 15 September 2009


Hurrrrururr... Not much to talk about recently, so sorry for the lack of posts.

I'm currently watching Baccano. It's like fucking "Lock, Stock" but with immortals and jazz.

I grabbed Garry's Mod from Steam last week... And apparently it's cheap as fuck this week...
When I started it ran extremely fast for some reason. Now I've got some addons it runs slower, but ultimately it's pretty good.
My grandad got me a bag of computer parts from a car-boot sale. I wasn't particularly interested in it until I saw the 256MB graphics card. There was also a kickass sound card and a basic Wi-Fi card, so I'll stick them in my gaming PC when I get a new motherboard.

Haruhi season 2....ended...
Everyone is extremely pissed off at Kyoani for negating Disappearance, but I'm actually satisfied. The last arc was a backstory to episode 00, and the way they handled the interaction between the characters was much better than in the first series. The best thing about it, though, was that in the very last scene of the final episode, they played the opening BGM from the start of the first season. I'm not sure what KyoAni's got planned for next year, but I'm sure it'll be good. All three of their anime this year have astounded me.
In more ways than one.
...In more ways than two.

Recently my dad got me a bass, and I started playing it a bit. I thought it'd look cool and original if I put it on display in my room, so it's currently just a few feet away from me, leaning against a chair. Earlier today I saw a "post your room" thread on /jp/, so I had a quick look, and fucking EVERYONE has a guitar or bass in their room now. WTF.

I suggest rape.

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