Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Eleven Months Later

Funny how you just lose interest in something, huh.

Aika came and went. It was a fun ride. In closed beta I reached level 30, and then open beta happened and the characters were deleted. On my second run I found everything a lot easier and was able to get to level 40 within two weeks. After that, I grinded the rest with RL until I finally reached 50 and stopped playing. After a while, the expansion was released and the level cap was raised to 60, so I logged on once again for a quick Hotglue reunion. This was short lived, as the gaps between the levels were fucking huge. We had one last party at Bekun's place and officially quit. A few months later I logged back on to see how things were going. I got my character to 51, and did a few dungeons, then I decided to say goodbye.

Other online games went through beta testing within that timeframe. I tried out FreeJack, Soul Master, Microvolts, LOCO, Iris Online and World of Tanks. All of them were fun, but couldn't keep me hooked.

Now, Team Fortress 2 on the other hand...
I've been playing a LOT of TF2. I finally got some decent hats, and I got in on a few preorder promos, so my loadout is pretty badass. I mostly play on surf servers nowadays but occasionally I go back to some classic CP.

Of course, in eleven months I have watched a lot of anime. K-ON!! was probably the best anime of 2010, with fucking awesome moe scenes and some euphoric musical episodes. I'm currently catching up on the last season of Hidamari Sketch, and I'm following a fuckton of anime this season, including Yumekui Merry, Gosick, Madoka Magica and Hourou Musuko.

I've also been up to a lot of IRL stuff. I managed to complete all my ICT and Media work, and I did fairly well on the Religious Studies test, landing me with a Distinction, a B and a D; just enough to get the university placement I wanted. Unexpectedly, I did perfect on my Japanese test, and ended up with an A* in GCSE Japanese. I'm currently on my gap year, NEETing it up and playing a fuckton of MMOs, VNs and of course TF2. I've got my university placement and will be choosing accomodation in April.

I guess I should get a job if I want to go to Comiket this summer. Hopefully I'll be working at a game retailer in a few weeks.

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